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Learn the language of connection with one of the biggest romantic dances from the Dominican Republic! This page shares more information about the 3 styles of Bachata we teach at Rhythms. Look at our schedule to see when the next Bachata class is!



Bringing more turn sequences while maintaining our Bachata hips is what this style is about! Modern was the beginning of commercialization for Bachata. The music for this style is typically more romantic than what was traditionally played in the Dominican Republic.

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This popular style developed in Spain focuses on body isolations within partnering. Appropriate when the music has slowed down or during music breaks. A lot of commercial pop songs have been remixed into Bachata for this style. Although it’s sensual, our community refrains from sexualizing the movement.

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Traditional Dominican


Danced with hip movement that resembles other Caribbean dances, but uses a different variety of footwork. Traditional Bachata typically sounds upbeat with its musical swing, however, the lyrics are described as "bitter" by the Dominican people.

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Enjoy a free introductory Bachata class 


Originally, Bachata was was referred to as an informal party. As a music genre, Bachata originates nearing the 30-year Trujillo dictatorship that was accompanied by censorship in the early 1960s.

As a consequence, bachata becomes synonymous with poor, Black, uneducated people.


Bachata originates from the countryside in the Dominican Republic with an influence of European, Indigenous and African cultures.

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The Bongo is one of the distinct  instruments in Bachata and plays what is called a Martillo Rhythm



The Güira as part of the Bachata is emblematic of Dominican heritage. hi-hat or shakers like maracas are employed.


The Tropical Bachata Bass typically plays a I-V

Bachata music has been influenced by other genres of music such as Son, Bolero, and Merengue.

Requinto Guitar.png

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A requinto guitar is a smaller version of a classical guitar. 

humble attempt to imitate bolero poorly recorded, produced, and manufactured



There are many options to Bachata there are a few common attributes Regardless what style of is being danced.


Recognized Bachata timing is having weight transfers on counts 1-2-3 5-6-7 with additional ball taps on counts 4 & 8. During basic movement every odd count (1-3-5-7) feet are separated while every even count (2-4-6-8) heels are together.

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Tilting laterally on the syncopated counts between each step. The hip movement is different from Salsa, as Bachata hips emphasize an upward motion.

Partnering Connection

Connection is the kinaesthetic communication between a lead and a follow. Are partners truly connected or are they merely executing choreography while holding hands?

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