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Kizomba is Angolan dance started in 1984 Most of the music is in Portuguese with many songs now in French and English. It is a circular dance which focuses on connection and 2 people moving as 1 with the music.




Semba is traditional Angolan music which influenced the birth of Kizomba. The dance is focused on connection while walking but is high energy and may incorporate comedic expressions. The music has a range of tempos but is generally faster than kizomba.

Using the same foundations of Semba, Kizomba is a slower musical style. With additional zouk influence the dance is still focusing on connection with only brief moments of disconnect to do tricks with a partner, however the movement is always smooth and continuous. The music has a pronounced percussion rhythm a series of melodic arrangements will be based around that Rhythm.

Danced on the spot, Tarraxinha has very little to offer within step structure and is focused on body isolations often mistaken for grinding. The music is produced entirely synthetically with more electronic influence.

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