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Salsa is a type of latin dance and genre of music with African roots. With a long and rich history, Salsa includes influences as far back as the 15th century. Salsa music and dance styles have developed differently around the world. We focus on LA (on1) style while paying respects to music genres that have influenced Salsa music such as Son, Rumba, Pachanga, Cha-cha-cha, Boogaloo just to name a few.

Los Angles (on1)

New York (on2)

Cuban (on1)

LA Salsa is a slotted style dance with influence from Puerto Rico and various North American dances. This dance style doesn’t have a distinctive music style to match so typically dancers will adopt Puerto Rican Salsa classics.

Also known as Mambo, NY Salsa has made developments to create a fusion of salsa music and dance genre. A blend of Puerto Rican salsa and Latin Hustle with the emphasis on “off beats.” The music has jazz influence and includes long instrumental breaks to showcase the ability of particular musicians.

In the decadent days of Old Havana, all the action in town was going down at the Casinos. Big name bands would be playing, so that’s where people would go to dance. The dance does not have many spins and focuses more on Cuba’s African roots with isolated body movement. The music may also be referred as Timba which is more inclusive of folkloric music found within the Caribbean.

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